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Preserving soaps

Soaps should be kept away from light in a shoebox or in a cupboard.
They must be able to breathe and continue to dry (even if they have already undergone a minimum of one month’s drying), as they are sensitive to variations in humidity. When using them, a soap dish is recommended so that the soap does not remain in the water and thus preserve its life span for optimal use.

If the soap is kept dry on a soap dish between uses. OAP (after opening period): 12 months
– Face and body soap: 1.5 months for one person
– Shampoo: One shampoo for the whole family lasts a long time (about 2 months for 4 people), i.e. 80 washes, equivalent to 3 bottles of classic shampoo
– Lip balm: the simple presence of vitamin E gives our lip balms a 12-month shelf life
– Deodorant: our 30g deodorant will last you about 4 months.

Household soaps

For washing dishes, I rub it on my sponge and that’s it.
To wash hobs and worktops, I wet the surface by squeezing my sponge, lay the soap flat and make circular movements.
To wash the floor, I rub it between my hands in my bucket of warm water, when the water is slightly cloudy, there is enough.
To remove a stain, I wet a corner and rub it on the stain.

Lip balms

Our lip balm cannot melt, thanks to the mango and cocoa butter which have a high melting point.

The simple presence of vitamin E gives our lip balms a 12 month shelf life

Our lip balms are packaged in a 100% recyclable container.


Its creamy texture is easy to use, a touch on the finger to apply under your armpit and that’s it. It absorbs quickly and does not stain clothes.

Our deodorants are packaged in a 100% recyclable container.

Our 30g deodorant will last for about 4 months.


The fact that the scrub is solid, with a good grip, will allow you to regulate the pressure on your skin, by putting it in the palm of your hand.

Our range of exfoliating soaps helps skin renewal by freeing the skin from its flakes.
These body scrubs have a 3-in-1 action: they wash, exfoliate and nourish the skin.


Place the spherical part against the palm of your hand. Wet the shampoo and wet your hair well. Lather directly onto the hair. Massage your hair and rinse. Dry your solid shampoo bar on a soap dish.

Solid shampoos are suitable for all types of hair: they regulate with jojoba and palmarosa and nourish without greasing, soothe with ylang-ylang and allow you to space out your washings. Our shampoos, with their creamy foam, formulated with vegetable and mineral powders and vegetable oils, are suitable for both dry and oily hair. They are formulated to rebalance and bring health and vitality to all hair types.

One for the whole family lasts about 2 months for 4 people, (that’s 80 washes or 3 bottles of regular shampoo if kept dry on a soap dish between uses).


Our range of top quality care oils meets the needs of consumers.
Composed of first-pressed vegetable oils of organic origin and essential oils for some of them, they nourish and bring comfort and elasticity to all skin types.

Dry oil does not leave a greasy film. In “working girl” mode after the shower, you can take care of your hair, face and body. It is quickly absorbed and has a neutral smell: you can use your usual perfume. It is composed of jojoba, apricot, rosehip and borage oils, which are fluid, non-comedogenic oils for hair and face (they do not clog pores). It is spread in the hands and then simply applied.

Which soap for which use ?

For shaving, use sesame and citrus soap and a shaving brush if you use foam. If you use gel, rub the soap between your hands and then your hands over your cheeks. The soap contains white clay that cuts razor burn, citrus and oak essential oils that are antiseptic and healing. Sesame oil, with which it is supergreased, nourishes and soothes. No more after-shave!

For acne problems, prefer jojoba & rassal face and body soap without essential oil or sesame citrus, depending on your taste. They will regulate and avoid oily and dry peaks.

The Avocado Gentle Soap has been formulated for my eczema-prone daughter. It contains 45% raw organic shea butter and first-pressed organic avocado oil. It is over-greased with 10% organic sweet almond oil and contains fresh organic avocado puree. Extra gentle for the skin. It takes care of very dry, atopic skin… Winter ally, it nourishes and regenerates your skin. It gives you an extra soft skin, in great shape to fight against the cold.

The borage & linaloe and sesame & citrus face and body soaps are our morning soaps: fresh and flowery. Avocado & patchouli or sweet almond & ylang-ylang are our evening soaps: they are soothing and calming. If you prefer a scentless soap, choose the mango butter or the avocado sweetness, which is formulated and suitable for ezema, atopic and extra-sensitive skin.

Face and body soap with mango butter. Mango butter brings nutrition, elasticity and suppleness to the skin.

We don’t have a specific soap for men. We offer the sesame & citrus face and body soap, which is ideal for shaving, as well as the avocado & patchouli face and body soap, which has a more mixed scent.

We recommend the mango butter or avocado softness face and body soap. Soaps with essential oils are not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Choose a soap without essential oils.


We offer two workshops: cold process soap and solid shampoo.
The workshops last 2 hours and combine theory (cold saponification method, advantages of natural cosmetics, interest of a
more health and environment friendly consumption method…) and practice, all in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
To book, go to the Shop > Gifts & Workshops

Yes, while respecting the requirements of social distancing and barrier gestures.

  • Sufficiently large space
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel available

& Delivery

Click and collect is when you order online and then collect your order in shop. When you validate your order, select click and collect in the shipping mode.

Classic: Delivered by Colissimo within 3 days except during the holiday period (+8,00€)
Express: Delivered by Chronopost the next day except during the holiday period (+12,00€)
Point relais : Delivery in point relais offered with no minimum purchase amount
Click and Collect : Free delivery with a reception of the order under 48h at the shop

To protect the products in your packages we use degradable corn starch flo-pak particles. They are made from renewable resources and decompose in water, leaving no toxic waste, so they do not affect the water table.


The soaps are made in Thonon-les-Bains in Haute-Savoie and our zero waste accessories are made by Charlène. Charlène has a degree in furniture sewing and is passionate about it. She creates and hand-sews all our accessories and helps us to achieve our zero waste objective. As an apprentice, she also makes the cold process soaps in the laboratory alongside Saly.

– Manufacturing time: 6 to 8 weeks for cold process soap compared to 24 hours for hot process soap.
– Production: in small quantities for cold process soap, unlike hot process soap.
– The surfactant used (production of foam): natural for cold process soap and chemical for hot process soap.

? It’s simple, unlike industrial soaps which dry out the skin (the oils used are denatured because they are heated and the glycerine is removed from the final product), this ancestral method is the only one to preserve the glycerine, which naturally preserves the hydrolipidic film essential to the epidermis. It is in this way, by ensuring that all the oils are not transformed into soap, that you can benefit from their beneficial effects. (to find out more, see our article on cold saponification)

At the end of the soap preparation process, thanks to cold saponification, we add oil (sweet almond, macadamia, apricot kernel…). This stage is called the “supergreasing” stage and is essential to obtain a nourishing soap, suitable for sensitive skin. A soap is said to be “superfatted” when it is at least 5% superfatted.

Glycerin absorbs water when you shower, and then releases the water back into the skin to provide the moisture it needs. Glycerin is very sensitive to temperature. By making our soaps cold, we take care of the temperature of the preparation throughout the manufacturing process, so the glycerine is not denatured. Cold process soaps are therefore the only truly moisturising soaps.

We are committed to producing all-natural soaps made from organic ingredients, formulated without palm oil and without any synthetic petrochemicals (no endocrine disruptors, no preservatives, no parabens). When an industrial soap contains petroleum, paraffin, parabens, endocrine disruptors or synthetic perfumes (e.g. sodium lauryl surfasodium myristate, cetearyl alcohol, etc.), Saly Savons products contain only vegetable oils, water and glycerine from the saponification process.

Animal testing of cosmetic products and their ingredients is prohibited in the EU.

Our products are formulated without any animal products, so they are perfectly suitable for vegans.

The shapes and colours are not contractual and may vary slightly from one soap to another. As a handmade product, the soaps may have small irregularities, as each soap is unique.

Our colours are perfectly natural. They come from clay, oxide, ultra marine, etc.


Our aluminium cans are made in Luçon, they are recycled and recyclable.

Made especially for Saly Savons, the packaging of our soaps is made of French poplar, from sustainable plantations in the south-west.

Compostable and biodegradable, it can be reused at will:
-Jewellery box
-Gift box
-Candy box

Eco-responsible, we have all the boxes made by the Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail (ESAT) des Hermones, which also provides labelling and marking. This allows us to offer you personalised ranges, for events or weddings, in 30g or 120g guest formats.


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