Our commitments

Saly Savons, eco-responsible and human values

Saly Savons selects and works with the best raw materials. This positioning is part of a process of transparency, with a real desire to improve the daily lives of our customers. We offer a healthy product, in which they can trust, with the desire to reduce our environmental impact during manufacture and use.

We favor French production when possible and encourage organic or sustainable farming as well as fair trade.

Real research is carried out on essential oils: our products are the result of significant work aimed at creating synergies between essential oils and strengthening the properties provided by the vegetable oils chosen, according to what is sought as virtues.

We select essential oils for their characteristics and actions, we carry out olfactory tests and validate the desired properties on the finished products.

We are committed to producing mainly with natural raw materials, to always improving our sourcing and our manufacturing process.

We use eco-responsible packaging and wedging for our shipments, most of our cardboard is second-hand.

We favor bulk and offer our products without packaging.

We campaign for healthy, transparent and reasonable cosmetics.

We support our customers towards a change in their mode of consumption, more respectful of their health and that of the planet, while maintaining pleasure.

Eco-responsible packaging

Made especially for Saly Saisons, the packaging of our soaps is made of French poplar, from sustainable plantations in the southwest.

Compostable and biodegradable, it is reusable at will:

  • Jewelry box
  • Decoration
  • Gift box
  • Candy box

Eco-responsible, we have all the canning carried out by the Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail (ESAT) des Hermones, which also provides labeling and marking. This allows us to offer you personalized ranges, during events or weddings, in 30g or 120g guest format. Our aluminum boxes are made in Luçon, they are recycled and recyclable”

Parcel shipping

To protect the products in your parcels we use degradable cornstarch flo-pak particles. They are made from renewable resources and decompose in water leaving no toxic waste, which does not affect the water table.

At Saly Savons, respect for the environment is essential, which is why we encourage you to choose the least polluting delivery method possible by offering it to you for deliveries to relay points and in stores (by click and collect) .

  • Vegetable oils of organic origin, virgin, raw or first cold pressed, so that they bring to our products all the virtues that nature gives them.

  • High quality French essential oils from our supplier, renowned in the field of perfumery and cosmetics. As soon as possible, we select certified organic essential oils in order to use the best quality. Thus, our customers fully benefit from the properties of each essential oil.

  • Our exceptional clays extracted in France are dried in the sun, not rinsed, not ionized, in order to keep all their virtues and offer exceptional care.

  • Ultramarines and oxides, to bring a color of mineral origin to our soaps. (Authorized by certifying bodies of biological origin).

  • Other raw materials such as coffee, oatmeal, rice, tea, poppy, calendula petals: all certified organic and of high quality, in order to provide the properties necessary for the service of our products.

Slow Cosmeticsis an ecological and ethical approach, based on a common desire topromote a natural, healthy and reasonable way of consuming cosmetics.

Like the Michelin guide, which awards stars to the restaurants it deems the best, the Slow Cosmétique Association awards the Slow Cosmétique® Mention each year to cosmetic brands that are worth a detour. This label is not only interested in the formula! Marketing must be healthy and reasonable too.

Each brand is evaluated, then rewarded and continuously evaluated for the nobility of its formulas, but also for its commitment to more ecological, healthier, smarter and more reasonable cosmetics.

For more information on the evaluation criteria

The association allows us to highlight our common values for brands and to have our work recognized in order to improve every day the cosmetics we useto take care of us, you and the planet.

April 15, 2022 - We are labeled COSMOS ORGANIC !


Our COSMOS ORGANIC label certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard was the culmination of long months of work, and work since the creation of Saly Savons on our sourcing of ingredients and throughout our manufacturing process.

This labeling promotes our know-how, eco-responsibility and guarantees exemplary practice and traceability of products. All this is the result of hard work and motivates all the more to continue to satisfy you with our Made in Haute Savoie products.

The ranges of labeled products are:

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