The story of Saly as told by its creator

Séverine Thomassin
Altruistic traveller, mother, nurse, gardener, soap maker… My name is Séverine Thomassin

Nurse by profession, I was able to take advantage of 12 years of experience in a diversified and exciting profession, which allowed me to acquire very good technical skills but also relational and observation qualities with an audience. of different ages and cultures.

The evolution of this position led me to coordinate a care team, create and update procedures, manage safety and hygiene at work, take care of the logistics around the patient and it is thanks to these new tasks that I developed my sense of initiative as well as excellent analytical and adaptive skills.

Daughter of a farmer, I am authentic, dynamic and determined. I love nature, the simple pleasures of life and the taste of good things. I like to work the land, to watch my garden grow and to feed myself with what I grow.

Mother of two kids, at a time when ecology and sustainable development are at the heart of the news, I was not satisfied with what I found on the market So I looked for solutions to fix it.

After I discovered the cold saponification, I started to create soaps for my family and my love ones by respecting the environment.

My first creation wasAvocado Sweetness“, created for my daughter who has extra sensitive skin from an early age. It will nourrish and repare the epidermis with its double overgreasing with avocado oil and fresh avocado purée for the most sensitive skin.

Then I felt the need of a radical change to invest myself in a new project by showcasing my creative abilities, in line with my convictions and my values. In view of the success of my soaps with my love ones, I wanted to create and develop my own soap works in order to reach a growing public and thus devote myself to my new profession to make it a sustainable economic activity.

December 1st, 2001
Brand launch: The Saly soaps are ready !

After having followed several certifying trainings and bought the necessary equipment for the manufacture of cold saponified soaps, I have converted the basement of my house into a laboratory that meets cosmetic standards, so that I can create my formulas inspired by my many travels and my readings on the benefits, virtues and olfactory notes of different raw materials.

After the validation of my toxicologist, I could work on the identity of the brand and my website. In order to launch my brand the 1st December, 2018; I started to create in quantity in October because the cold saponificated soaps undergo a cure of 6 to 8 weeks before being sold.

« Saly Savons is a project in adaquation with who I am, what I master and what I want to transmit and share »

Spring 2019 –Partnership with ESAT

Partnership with ESAT the Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail des Hermones was obvious to me and was a common thread in my life as a nurse.

ESATs are medico-social establishments whose objective is the social and professional integration of adults with disabilities.

We have all the canning and labeling carried out by the ESAT.

Fall 2019 has been rhythmic with two wonderful meetings.

– Nicolas Thibon, my associate

My laboratory at home was too small, I was loooking a new place. On a market, I met Nicolas Thibon, who was totally conquered by the quality and the brand commitment. Nicolas Thibon proposed to sell the range to the SPA Les Sources du Chéry. After some discussions, Nicolas Thibon offered to be his partner, in order I can a larger space and materials to create in quantity and also hire a team in the future.

– Charlène, my first employee

A graduate and passionate about furniture sewing, Charlène was looking for a place to practice her profession. For my part, I was looking to makezero waste accessories and help to make my cold soaps. It was obvious, Charlène completed several training courses in the laboratory in order to work alongside me. She also creates and sews all of our accessories by hand and allows us to achieve our goal of zero waste. A human encounter, a common desire and bubbling ideas: the perfect combination of cosmetics and sewing!

During this period, I was also able to expand my product range, in order to be able to offer zero waste accessories, boxes and cosmetics such as deodorantsand lip balm.

I also led production workshops at Lou&Cie in order to be able to discover the ancestral method of cold saponification.

After several months of looking for a space to manufacture and sell my products, I finally found a place in Thonon-les-Bains.

Work was carried out between March and the end of August, in order to transform part of the premises into a laboratory and another part into a shop to sell my products.

We were able to move in August and launch the store on September 16, 2020.

Our shop is located here>10 quater, Rue de l’Europe, Le Carré vert building in Thonon-les-Bains.

It was also during this period that I also hired my second employee Karen, to take care of the internal communication part.

Early 2021 - Creation of formula & White label

My shop is launched, I structure myself little by little.

It was during this period that Aude joined the Team Saly Savons to take care of quality, traceability and the order part for professionals.

Indeed, I can now use my laboratory to manufacture in larger quantities. I then began to offer, on an estimate, to create and formulate recipes for soaps, shampoos and cosmetics (balms, deodorants, creams, oils, etc.) for professionals.

We are delighted and very honored to share their values: Slow Cosmétique is an ecological and ethical approach, based on a common desire to promote a natural, healthy and reasonable way of consuming cosmetics.

Like the Michelin guide, which awards stars to the restaurants it deems the best, the Slow Cosmétique Association awards the Slow Cosmétique® Mention each year to cosmetic brands that are worth the detour. This label is not only interested in the formula! Marketing must be sound and reasonable too.

> > More information on our commitments

Aware of the needs and consumption patterns of our customers, we have launched the Saly Soap Packs.

The Packs are an eco-responsible way to buy our soaps by personal or family routine or by need according to skin types.

"In Fall 2021, the Saly Saisons Team is growing!

Margaux joins the team for the commercial part, in order to support our current resellers and seek new resellers and partners.

Jennie works in the laboratory to make cold process soaps and help me create formulas for our new ranges.

Charlène takes care of the reception and advises you at the Saly Soaps boutique, she also prepares internet orders.”

brand Washing being a daily care, it is important to offer our body a soft and nourishing product.

This is why, at Saly Savons, for 3 years now, we have been offering you a wide range of cold saponified soaps and hygiene products. Since the birth of Saly Savons, we had planned to develop a brand of cosmetics that would complement your care in order to perfect and sublimate your skin with high quality concentrated products.

We have been working for more than two years on the formulation of cosmetics with passion, conviction and determination. Finding the right ingredient synergies, the ideal texture, the perfect scent… Testing, modifying and refining our formulas to give you the best care. ⁠

It is in parallel with the brand Saly Savons, that we have been developing this project with passion and determination since 2017. Fruit of the meeting of Séverine Thomassin and Nicolas Thibon, this human partnership united by beautiful values: the desire to take care of others, has given rise to a new common brand:Valambrun Cosmétiques.

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