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Saly Savons, a white label

Are you developing your cosmetics business or do you want to start your own brand? Are you looking for a partner? Are you planning to add natural and healthy products to the range of products you offer to your customers? Would you like a customised soap, specially designed for your company’s catalogue? Saly Savons can help you develop your project from A to Z.

An experienced soap factory with strong values

Faced with the evolution of consumption patterns resulting from recent health and ecological awareness, Saly Savons has chosen to return to simplicity, to traditional and reassuring values.

This involves the ethical manufacture of quality products, made in a totally natural way.. It also means favouring short circuits and local production, supporting organic or sustainable agriculture, as well as fair trade.

The different soaps and cosmetic products that we design and produce are formulated without endocrine disruptors, preservatives or any synthetic petrochemicals. The cold saponification process we use allows us to preserve all the beneficial properties of soap for the skin and hair. Their manufacture is non-polluting and their packaging is totally biodegradable.

Sharing and passing on experience

We offer to pass on this know-how in the field of saponification and the manufacture of natural cosmetics or tolet you benefit from it.. If you too wish to give more space to nature, simplicity and proximity in your professional project, we can build something together and start a common adventure.

Whether your entrepreneurial project has already taken shape or is still in gestation, everything is imaginable, everything is achievable.

If you recognize yourself in this ideology of fair trade, of a healthier and more reasoned consumption, but you are struggling to bring your project to life and to give life to your ambitions, we can accompany and support you in all the stages of its conception and development, as well as in its promotion to your future customers..

If, on the other hand, your project is already underway and you are looking to expand your product range with other natural products, or if you wish to create a customised product for your customers’ needs, we can also design and manufacture it for you, under your brand name.

Whatever the venture,together we can find the solutions to make your project a success.

Customise your soap

We offer to create and formulate your own recipes for soaps, shampoos and cosmetics (balms, deodorants, creams, oils, etc.).

Thanks to our equipment, we can provide you with moulds in the following formats :

  • rectangle (soap moulded into a bar and then cut out)
  • half-sphere (moulded by the piece)

The weight will be defined on quotation, according to the raw materials used. We can also manufacture to measure (purchase of the mould required).

The marking will be defined on estimate according to your logo and its size. Our graphic designer can assist you with your visual identity, product packaging and packaging.

Our prices include raw materials and labour.

For any particular request, contact us to makea personalized proposal. We will then ask you to provide us with specifications to study your project.

From the design of your soap to its sale... and beyond

We are at your sidefrom the beginning to the end of your project. From the creation of a specific recipe to its production, from the validation of a specification to its toxicological validation, via the design of a packaging or the creation of your website… We accompany you in absolutely all the stages necessary to the achievement of your objectives.

Strategic and operational aspects of your project

Whether your brand is already established or your project is still in its infancy, we can provide the support you needto carry out your action plan.

On a purely technical level first, thanks to our experience in the production of natural cosmetics :

  • Manufacture of our various products under white label
  • Formulation of a specific recipe for soap, shampoo and other cosmetic or hygiene products (scrub, hydroalcoholic gel, etc.)
  • Creation of a new type of product. Compliance with a precise set of specifications
  • Regulatory compliance, toxicological validation

We can also guide you on the other aspects of your product development, thanks to the global communication agency to which our soap factory is closely linked. We can provide you with full support on elements such as

  • Strategy (marketing and communication) and project management
  • Creation of your brand (logo, name, visual identity, graphic charter…)
  • Creation of your website (webdesign, hosting, referencing, content writing…)
  • Photographs of your products (scenography, packshot…)
  • Graphic design
  • Printing (advertising, packaging, catalogue…)
  • Social networks
  • Advertising

Concerned aboutthe well-being and healthof our clients and concernedabout environmental issues, we seek to collaborate with entrepreneurs, companies or creators from all horizons and are open to all proposals.

Above all, we want to meet people who share our vision of this profession and who wish to work with a craft soap factory, focused on people.

If you recognize yourself in this message, do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can talk about your project together.

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